We asked, and also you addressed - as well as oh hell, exactly how you responded to.

Over 110,000 of you voted in our largest ever poll to formally crown the 20 greatest metal bands of perpetuity. That's over 110,000 heartfelt, possibly debatable opinions.

The principles behind the poll was quite straightforward: no band was excluded. No regulations except may the very best band win. When it was all done we took the data, wrangled it right into a huge spread sheet, as well as executed some complicated calculations. Currently, the results, as they claim, are very much in.

A few of them will certainly amaze you. Some may also shock you. Inevitably, however, the 20 bands in this list show one point most of all else: that steel continues to be one of the widest and most interesting styles the world has ever before seen.

Here's, formally, the 20 ideal metal bands worldwide. As voted by you.

1. Metallica

Still the greatest heavy metal band of perpetuity. Also when they get it incorrect, you forgive them, due to the fact that when they get it right, they get it much more right than steel has actually ever before been.

2. Iron Maiden

Spooling back the very best part of three years, the concept of what would become one of the most significant bands ever was born from the ashes of just among many also-rans that clutter rock's freeway.

3. Black Sabbath

The forefathers of heavy metal.
They might well be the heaviest band of all time besides the most prominent band, The Beatles.

4. AC/DC

AC/DC are not a metal band and have actually never declared to be. They're rock 'n' roll, pure as well as basic. Yet to not include them in this checklist would appear corrupt, otherwise stupid.

5. Slipknot

Slipknot were developed to self-destruct. They were a seething, frothing, uncontainable ball of pent up hostility as well as spite allowed loose on the world.

6. Pantera

Listen today and it’s hard to imagine how a band with four such clear, distinct and disparate personalities were able to come together to make such a cohesive noise.

7. Slayer

Taking their cues from NWOBHM – in particular the satanic stylings of Venom and the studded jackets of Judas Priest – and the punk rock energy of the Dead Kennedys and Black Flag, Slayer pushed thrash into a deeper, darker territory than any of their Big Four brothers.

8. Gojira

A true one off in sound, worldview and cultural touchpoints, Gojira have been fighting against stagnancy in the metal world almost single-handedly for nearly two decades.

9. Judas Priest

Sure, Black Sabbath preceded. Iron Maiden and also Metallica are larger. But if there is one band, most importantly others, that specifies the audio and aesthetic of hefty steel, it is Judas Priest.

10. Babymetal

Capturing to internet popularity with their video for Gim me Chocolate, Babymetal separated the metal scene. Wearing black-and-red tutus, the cutesy Su-metal, Moametal and also Yuimetal twirled and sang their means through catchy tracks backed by the anonymous yet practically remarkable Kami Band.

11. Tool

Cult-like devotion surrounds Tool. It's shielded them from a rising and falling songs market and also permitted them to keep total creative control over their special, dynamic metal output.

12. Opeth

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13. Megadeth

They actually had an uniquely fantastic career, taking surge steel and also making it angrier, snottier, more technical and much more focused. They have actually been an influence on any type of band that wished to take metal to its most rhythmically challenging locations, offered countless documents while doing so.

14. Burgerkill

It's rather feasible that Burgerkill's remarkable putting on this list will certainly be a surprise to a few of you, however it truly should not be. Since the Indonesian metallers developed in the consistently traditional suburban area of Ujung Berung in Bandung 25 years earlier, the band have established a big homegrown adhering to.

15. Rammstein

Rammstein have developed an occupation that's high up on fire and short on concession.
They've made a series of cds whose tracks cover subjects like sadomasochism as well as necrophilia, yet additionally ecological calamity and also German nationalism.

16. Motörhead

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17. Death

The band are ranked number 26 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. As of 2016, they have actually offered more than 15 million cds worldwide. Motörhead are commonly categorized as heavy steel, and also their combination of hard rock right into the genre helped to leader rate metal as well as whip metal.

18. System Of A Down

Also along with the gang of misfits that matured in the unmanageable period of nu steel, System Of A Down constantly attracted attention from their peers.
Indeed, their eccentric mix of prog, surge, hardcore, funk, rap and Middle Eastern songs took the ideal elements of the sub-genre.

19. Dream Theater

For the average rock band, extravagance is something to secure versus at all times. But then Dream Theater are much from your ordinary rock band, in any kind of sense of the term. For this US-Canadian five-piece, overindulgence as well as unwanted declare signs.

20. Lamb Of God

In the consequences of the nu steel scene, metal appeared to be checking out at what would be following and at where steel would certainly go.
In lots of means, the success of Lamb Of God is as unexpected as it is been entitled to.